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During the epidemic isolation period, due to the lack of live football matches to watch, many people turned their attention to electronic virtual products. For a fan, it is the best choice to enjoy the passion of greenery without leaving home. Playing FIFA, Football Manager (hereinafter referred to as FM) and other football games is the best choice.


According to a survey on the OLBG website, between February and March, FM’s sales volume increased by 43%, and the number of users last month reached a record high of 189,230. The ability to generate such a large digital leap is related to the free trial marketing strategy launched by the FM issuer during the epidemic. Not to mention the FIFA series. FIFA20 is a topic that can be hotly discussed on major gaming websites and social media platforms. Obviously, these football games have enriched the recent empty daily lives of fans.

根据OLBG网站上的一项调查,在2月到3月之间,FM的销量增长了43%,上个月的用户数量达到了创纪录的189,230。产生如此巨大的数字飞跃的能力与FM发行者在流行期间启动的免费试用营销策略有关。更不用说FIFA系列了。 FIFA20是一个可以在主要游戏网站和社交媒体平台上热门讨论的话题。显然,这些足球比赛丰富了球迷最近空虚的日常生活。

The following are some interesting experiences of some writers and editors using football games to spend time. Those who are immersed in FIFA and FM have done their part to prevent the spread of the epidemic.


I play FM with several major characteristics: First, I like my FM archive to be successful, but I don't like unrealistic success. Therefore, rather than coaching the Hounjoqi team, I am more willing to try to lead AC Milan back to the top. Second, I prefer to be a head coach who is arbitrary and personally decisive. I am not interested in tactical planning and the like. Third, the image of my head coach has always been the image of a suit and leather shoes. I don't know how to change clothes.


Of course, some people think it would be boring to coach a traditional strong team that has won the Champions League 7 times, but to be honest, Milan is now equivalent to Italy’s Everton (I don’t know if Ancelotti heard this What do you think). Milan have never won the Serie A title since 2011, and they have even won the Serie A title again since 2014.


In order to win my first title, I spent £55 million of the club's budget on Endidi alone (God bless, thanks to Guangzhou Evergrande for signing a few redundant players in my team). In my lineup, he can have a wonderful chemistry with Casey in the midfield. In my archive, Piyantek is also a great contributor. Although he missed 24 penalties, he also scored 24 league goals in a single season.


After Endidi, Ronaldo (on loan), Depay and Haaland also joined my team one after another, helping the team win the second and third championship titles. What I am most proud of is the young defensive duo in the team-Sar (transferred from Nice) and Edsson Alvarez (transferred from Ajax), who played in the defense. It was very heroic.

在恩迪迪之后,罗纳尔多(租借),德佩和哈兰德也陆续加入了我的团队,帮助该团队赢得了第二和第三届冠军。我最引以为傲的是防守中的年轻防守二人组:Sar(从尼斯调来)和Edsson Alvarez(从Ajax调来)。这是非常英勇的。

In the European arena, my performance was not so good. I just lost to Juventus on a penalty kick in the Europa League final in 2022. For me, this game is more exciting than the 2003 Champions League final in the real world. Before the penalty shootout, we played a heart-warming 3-3 draw, and Thrall was sent off at the start of the match 20 minutes... This is really nonsense!


Well, after a few exciting seasons in AC Milan, now I want to consider returning to the Championship to coach Fulham.


I'm the kind of person who naturally rejects stereotypes. Therefore, when I recently became a football fan, a FIFA football game lover, I couldn't let myself use traditional teams like Liverpool, Real Madrid or Juventus. So, naturally, without knowing their players, I started playing with the Belgian national team.


Facts have proved that using Hazard to dribble, playing passing games with De Bruyne, and letting Carrasco run wild on the wing (trust me, he is more useful than Solgen Hazard). thing.

事实证明,使用危险运球,与De Bruyne进行传球游戏,并让Carrasco在边路狂奔(相信我,他比Solgen Hazard有用)。事情。

I now play FIFA20 every few days, and the coaching team is always rising and falling between the first and second divisions. No way, I haven't tried out the tactical skills of scoring corner kicks and relegation.


Marriage and children have already greatly reduced my time playing video games (I think this is a good thing), but over the years I am still willing to make time for FIFA.


During the league suspension, chasing football dreams on PlayStation 4 couldn't be more natural for me. The new crown epidemic has provided me with a lot of free time. I must say that my FIFA control skills have also been improved. In the early days of self-isolation, my career model at Chelsea was still in the middle of the 2019-20 season. A month and a half later, I will end my 2021-22 season with the "Final Champions League matchup with Liverpool".

在联赛停赛期间,在PlayStation 4上追求足球梦想对我来说再自然不过了。新的王冠流行为我提供了很多空闲时间。我必须说,我的FIFA控制技巧也得到了提高。在自我隔离的初亚搏体育客户端期,我在切尔西的职业生涯模型仍处于2019-20赛季中期。一个半月后,我将以“与利物浦的欧洲冠军联赛对决”结束2021-22赛季。

In the transfer market, I made some smart investments. Currently, there are three forwards in my starting lineup-Vinicius, Mbappé and Sancho, and Abraham, Hudson-Odoi, Loftus-Cheek and Rees-James are still in my lineup. One of them.


Pulisic? I transformed him into a full-back player with a rating of 86. He can run long distances on the right wing. Kepa? Surprisingly, he is still my goalkeeper of choice.


Because I want to make playing FIFA continue to be a pleasant experience, I have never adjusted the difficulty above "professional level" before, but this also caused another problem-the game sometimes becomes too easy. So, in order to challenge more, I am now starting to play "World Class" difficulty. I didn't expect this


Now I feel very confident and I can even consider starting online battles again. My 12-year-old son uses his ultimate team to play online, and in the past three games, I completely defeated him. My son also believes that I am ready to compete with others.


In the end, will I choose to take risks and play against real people? Probably not. For me, it seems more fun to crush the computer-controlled Liverpool in the Champions League final.


After trying FM2020 for free, the idea of ​​downloading CM0102 and playing it came to my mind. After all, this old game can be downloaded for free after 2008. However, I also downloaded a user-made patch package, after the update, I can simulate the team, lineup and players of the 2019-20 season. It is safe to say that I am addicted again. This game is a classic of my childhood, it contains too many nostalgic elements.


Perhaps today, with many changes in the football environment, playing the 01-02 season with data from the 19-20 season seems a bit weird. Here are some examples.


Just now, I ended my first season as the coach of Bournemouth, won the 11th place in the league and won the FA Cup in one fell swoop. Then, I received an invitation to represent England in the International Toto Cup. Also, Ramsdale, our best goalkeeper in the Premier League, is currently the number one goalkeeper for England in the 2002 World Cup in Korea and Japan...


Sadly, due to his outstanding performance, Ramsdale asked to be included in the transfer list. He hopes to transfer to a "bigger club"... Well, don't force me, let us next season See what prizes Ramsdale can get in the reserve team...

可悲的是,由于他出色的表现,Ramsdale要求被列入转会名单。他希望转会到“更大的俱乐部” ...好吧,别逼我,让我们在下个赛季看看拉姆斯代尔在预备队中能获得什么奖励...

For "Black Friday (Note: Christmas Shopping Day in the United States)" in 2019, I bought myself a Nintendo Switch game console so that I could sit on the plane and entertain myself during the Bucks road trip. Happy. I heard that FIFA 20 is not very playable on Switch, but I have been playing FIFA series throughout my high school and university. Now I have not played FIFA for five years, and I have to buy it.

对于2019年的“黑色星期五(注:美国圣诞节购物日)”,我给自己买了Nintendo Switch游戏机,这样我就可以坐在飞机上并在雄鹿队的旅途中娱乐自己。快乐。我听说FIFA 20在Switch上不能很好玩,但是我在高中和大学期间一直在玩FIFA系列。现在我已经五年没有参加FIFA了,我必须购买。

I play as an American forward who plays for Atletico Madrid. It is the fifth year of my career. In the first two years of the American League, I scored many goals in Kansas City Sports and the Seattle Gulfers. Later, I wanted to leave the United States for development, so I applied for a transfer. What followed was a season for Manchester City, where I won the Premier League and the Champions League. After that, I came to Dortmund, where I won the Bundesliga Golden Boot for one season.


A friendly match before the 2022 World Cup is my first time representing the US national team. After that, I helped the US team win the World Cup for the first time.


After the New Year, I opened the St. Pauli team. My purpose is very clear-after 15 seasons (note: FIFA career mode can play up to 15 seasons), I want to ensure that the starting players of this team score above 90 points. At the same time, these players will come from the club. Youth training camp. I will create the greatest single training system in football history and make it appear in the red light district of Hamburg.


In the beginning, I obtained funds by selling a large number of initial players. Then, I will buy at low prices and sell those very young players at high prices. Think about it. Players like Mbappe, Pulisic, etc. have briefly played for St. Pauli! Of course, signing with a free agent and selling it at a certain price is also a means for me to obtain funds.


With this money, I have been looking for players all over the world. Unless their maximum potential (given in the game) is 90 or above, they will not be promoted to the first team.


At any time, I need to review and summarize, and remind myself which player can give me more in the limited playing time. This is a relatively easy review, and I don’t need to take any game notes.


Now, I have played for six seasons. St. Pauli has been promoted to the First Division and won several Bundesliga titles, plus a Champions League trophy.


After the ability value increased to more than 90, the initial goalkeeper Mamadou Jindham and I started a contract dispute. He eventually moved to Barcelona at a high price of $100 million. The captain of my club, Christopher Klein, has just passed 90, and he also started to be dissatisfied with me. So, I might also sell him. At present, the abilities of all other starters on the team are between 84 and 88, and some young players with great potential are close behind.

当能力值增加到90以上后,最初的守门员Mamadou Jindham和我开始了合同纠纷。最终他以1亿美元的高价搬到了巴塞罗那。我俱乐部的队长克里斯托弗·克莱恩(Christopher Klein)刚过90岁,他也开始对我感到不满意。所以,我也可能卖掉他。目前,团队中所有其他首发球员的能力在84到88之间,并且一些潜力巨大的年轻球员紧随其后。

Therefore, we still have a long way to go. However, during this time I had a lot of fun. We played a Bielsa-style 3-3-3-1 formation and scored a lot of goals.


During the ban, I bought a new game console so that I can play FIFA. Since FIFA13, I have not been able to maintain a stable game state anymore. This time is a good opportunity. My roommate likes to watch me play FIFA at night.


This time I started the FIFA20 manager mode. I played the role of Manchester United's coach, and Casey Stoney (note: Manchester United women's coach in the real world) became my boss.

这次我启动了FIFA20管理器模式。我扮演曼联的教练,凯西·斯通尼(Casey Stoney)(注:现实世界中的曼联女教练)成为我的老板。

I am currently at the top of the league standings. Although I have fallen behind and tied many times, I have remained unbeaten overall this season. When the summer transfer window opened, I introduced Werner, Adama Traore, Ruben Neves, Harvey Barnes, Arens and other stars. At the same time, I brought Lingard (on loan from Manchester City) , Angel Gomez, Dalot and other players were loaned out and sold Matic.

我目前在联盟排名中名列前茅。尽管我多次落后并追平,但本赛季总体上我保持不败。当夏季转会窗口打开时,我介绍了Werner,Adama Traore,Ruben Neves,Harvey Barnes,Arens等明星。同时,我带来了林格德(从曼城借来的),安吉尔·戈麦斯(Angel Gomez),达洛特(Dalot)等球员被租借并卖给了马蒂奇。

In mid-March, the ban began to be implemented, and I can just spend some time on FIFA20 and another game I like ePES2020.


In the FIFA series, career mode has always been my first choice, but I wanted to try something new, so I formed a FUT lineup. However, this was a big mistake. FUT mode takes more time and energy than professional mode, and the growth of the team can be painful.


Soon, I switched back to career mode, with Mourinho returning to the Bernabéu.


On world-class difficulty, I have scored 27 points in 12 games, only 3 points less than the league leader Atletico Madrid. 8 victories, 3 draws, plus a shocking home defeat to Villarreal 0-2. In the press conference after the defeat, I used the typical Jose-style self-deprecation to respond to reporters.

在世界一流的难度下,我在12场比赛中得到27分,仅比联赛冠军马德里竞技低3分。 8胜3平,加上令人震惊的主场失利,比利亚雷亚尔0-2。在失败之后的新闻发布会上,我使用了典型的何塞式自嘲来回应记者。

The reporter asked: "Real Madrid is considered a better team. What's your comment on that?"


Mourinho: "It seems we are not."


Just like any club managed by Mourinho, our morale is constantly fluctuating, and the team's victories are hard-won. However, Hazard's performance was amazing. As a left winger, he leads the La Liga scorer list with 9 goals. In addition, I also cleaned the veteran Tony Cross and Marcelo in the real Mourinho way. Ronaldo is back in the starting lineup again, and Mbappe is Mourinho's number one goal in the winter transfer. I put Luka Jovic on the reserve team, and the restored Ascencio will be the most important surprise on my bench.

就像穆里尼奥管理的任何俱乐部一样,我们的士气不断波动,而且球队的胜利来之不易。但是,Hazard的表现令人赞叹。作为左翼,他以9个进球领先西甲得分手榜。此外,我还以真正的穆里尼奥方式清洗了老将托尼·克罗斯和马塞洛。罗纳尔多再次回到首发阵容,而姆巴佩是亚搏体育客户端穆里尼奥冬季转会的第一球。我将卢卡·乔维奇(Luka Jovic)放到了预备队,而恢复的腾飞(Ascencio)将是我替补席上最重要的惊喜。

At the beginning, I tried to open a Cincinnati team file on FM. However, due to the relevant regulations of the American League team registration, I cannot keep more than 8 key players in the team. So, I chose to withdraw angrily.


Then, I chose to coach West Brom. It only took one season for us to successfully upgrade to the Premier League. In my team, Mateus Pereira played steadily, and Jonathan Lecco also made a breakthrough in the player's career. He played in turns between the left and the forwards, scoring 13 goals and 5 assists.

然后,我选择执教西布朗。我们只花了一个赛季就成功升级到英超。在我的团队中,Mateus Pereira表现稳定,Jonathan Lecco在球员生涯中也取得了突破。他在前锋和左锋之间轮流出场,打进13球和5助攻。

In the transfer market, I spent $9 million to sign the big-name player Pereira from Manchester United. However, as our No. 10 player, Pereira's performance was not as expected. In 24 Premier League and Premier League games, he only scored 2 goals and provided 4 assists.


Leading West Brom into the early days, the team's performance is encouraging. In the 3-0 victory over Tottenham, new players Onquenet ($24.5 million) and Rafael Leo ($15 million) played an important role. In addition, players added after the upgrade include Alfonso Davis (base 13 million US dollars, up to 16.75 million US dollars), Tonali (on loan, and has the option to buy out 31 million US dollars).

带领West Brom进入早期阶段,该团队的表现令人鼓舞。在3-0战胜热刺的比赛中,新球员昂克内特(2450万美元)和拉斐尔·利奥(1500万美元)发挥了重要作用。此外,升级后增加的球员包括阿方索·戴维斯(基地1300万美元,最高1675万美元),托纳利(借贷,并可以买断3100万美元)。

As for FIFA? Let's talk about it when I get my new game console. At that time, I will use the powerful Bournemouth to kill the Quartet in the FIFA06 League One.

至于FIFA?当我获得新的游戏机时,让我们讨论一下。那时,我将使用强大的伯恩茅斯杀死FIFA06 League One中的四重奏。

I have been waiting for my beloved Penarol team to appear in the FIFA game all my life (note: the FIFA series has not been authorized by the Uruguay League). So, I have been using Dortmund for these years, because the uniforms are similar, which will give me the feeling of playing with Penarol. In fact, the Penarol team has also appeared in live football, but we all know that FIFA is the pinnacle of this type of game.


Finally, they joined Penarol in the relevant update of the Copa Libertadores, which is really great.


I don’t know if I feel the same as those players who support European teams and have their own home team. All in all, I can finally play Penarol. This is a cool pastime. Although I cannot play in the league mode, I have won the Libertadores Cup several times!


I have always been interested in FIFA. When I moved to Southampton for the first time, I did not have access to the Internet for a while. I would use the FIFA 19 career model to better understand the team.

我一直对FIFA感兴趣。当我第一次搬到南安普敦时,我已经有一段时间没有上网了。我会使用FIFA 19的职业模式来更好地了解团队。

In addition to playing against friends, I spent a lot of time in career mode (I don't play FUT mode). Of course, the team I use is Southampton. The first season of coaching the team more or less reflected the shadow of Southampton in the real world. After a period of ups and downs passed, my team began to stabilize in late December. In the end, the team's points ranked in the middle of the league.


This is my fourth season coaching the team. The young players I discovered with scouts have completely changed the face of the team. The team's original generals Danny Ince and Genepo are still scoring a steady stream of goals, but I have re-kneaded the back line.

这是我第四个赛季执教球队。我与球探一起发现的年轻球员完全改变了球队的面貌。球队最初的将军丹尼·因斯(Danny Ince)和杰纳波(Genepo)仍在取得稳定的进球,但我已经重新揉捏了底线。

In 2022, we have a chance to win the fourth place in the league, but I decided to simulate some games to "destroy" our league rankings. My team has not fully reached that level. I hope to build a thicker lineup before the Champions League against the full-fire "Mbappé".


As for FM, I used to like the fantasy draft mode. Although I don't play much now, but I will listen carefully to any legends about your game archive.


FIFA gave me balance. Working at the desk in the apartment all day, this kind of life is very monotonous, so FIFA has become a small part of my daily life, it activates a part of my energy.


I play the basic online season mode and I like to change teams constantly. FUT or professional mode has to deal with player contracts, make promises, etc. I don't want to waste time on this. An online game only takes 20 minutes, so I can schedule one or two games every day and finish my work on time.

我使用基本的在线赛季模式,并且喜欢不断更换团队。 FUT或专业模式必须处理球员合同,做出承诺等。我不想在此浪费时间。在线游戏只需要20分钟,因此我每天可以安排一两个游戏并按时完成我的工作。

When encountering writing bottlenecks, I will use FIFA as a tool to help me. Whether it is to stimulate my sensory acuity or just to get the satisfaction of completing a task, playing FIFA is very useful.


In order to maintain the freshness, I will constantly change the teams I use. I will constantly try to find those great players that I have never heard of in the list of top teams around the world, and even the green heroes of my childhood such as Tevez, Iniesta, Yaya Toure. In Turkey, Saudi Arabia and other leagues, we are likely to find names that have been familiar.


My first season as the head coach of the Green Forest Rangers in FIFA 20 has just passed. Now, I have a few points lead in the second division, and reached the fifth round of the FA Cup. We are even more unstoppable in the Carabao Cup. We have already eliminated Manchester United and Norwich. Chelsea will face us in the semi-finals. The team's two-wing guards have played very well so far. At the same time, I have also signed some good free agents. All of these make me optimistic about the upgrade and future high-stakes transfers.

我作为FIFA 20绿色森林巡游者队主教练的第一个赛季刚刚过去。现在,我在乙级联赛中领先几分,并进亚搏体育客户端入足总杯第五轮。在Carabao杯中,我们更加势不可挡。我们已经淘汰了曼联和诺里奇。切尔西将在半决赛中面对我们。到目前为止,该队的两翼后卫表现出色。同时,我也签了一些不错的自由球员。所有这些使我对升级和未来的高风险转账感到乐观。

Of course, it is also great to be able to coach a club that is more stable like Brentford and successfully promoted. However, leading Southampton to win the Champions League is my long-term goal!


Over the past ten years, my enthusiasm for the Premier League and the Champions League has slowly grown. I have purchased about 6 versions of FIFA and usually only play career mode. This is partly because-due to work and family responsibilities, I don't have enough free time.


Before the outbreak of the epidemic, the NBA season was in full swing, and I had no chance to end my 2019-20 season with Tottenham. But a few weeks ago, I was back in my game. Unfortunately, I ended up in fifth place and was excluded from the Champions League.


So, next I will do my best to ensure that the 2020-21 league championship belongs to Tottenham. After betting all the transfer funds, I finally bought Mbappé for US$216.2 million.


Currently, after 22 games, my Tottenham team ranks fifth with 15 wins, 5 draws and 2 losses. Liverpool lost only one game and they dominated the group with 61 points. However, now that the game is only halfway through, I still have time to catch up.


In order to give myself something to do during the long-distance flight, I once bought a new version of FM, but I only participated in an Arsenal match, and experienced Emery's hardship superficially.


After the ban came, I re-read the file to see if I could do something to Arsenal. To be honest, I managed to get Arsenal back to the league TOP 4 and finally led the team to the Champions League final. Unfortunately, I lost to Manchester City twice on the way to the championship, and I lost to the Reds Liverpool in the Champions League final.


In the last season at Arsenal, I can only describe it as a "Mourinho season". Player injuries, contract issues, etc. all broke out, everything went wrong, and my continuous excellent coaching results over the years were also in vain. After a defeat in January, Arsenal fired me and the team only ranked 11th. However, I was very eager to return to the game as soon as possible, and soon after I accepted an offer to help Leicester City relegation.


In the end, I led the Blue Fox to succeed in relegation in the remaining weeks. Through the operation of the transfer market in the summer, I also led the team to win the second place in the league.


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